The Most Effective pressure washing Business Cards

pressure washing Business CardsLooking for a unique and creative pressure washing business card?

Your search for pressure washing business cards is over. If you’re trying to stand out beyond all of the other pressure washing businesses out there, you need a creative and unique business card. Our dollar bill business cards are perfect for getting an enthusiastic and impressive first impression. Dollar Card Marketing creates unique business cards that look like real money in all denominations from the $1 dollar bill all the way through the $100 dollar bill. We use a premium grade fiber paper that’s as close as you can get to looking and feeling like real money.

Effective Strategies for pressure washing Business Cards That Look Like Money

There really is no better way to make a first impression than to reach into your pocket and hand over a $100 bill pressure washing business card. However, there are several other ways to pass out, or distribute your dollar bill cards. As many people use our dollar cards to simply replace their regular old business card, there are others that use them as “drop cards” or “sizzle cards”.

If you’re using your pressure washing business cards as a drop card, then the practice is easy. Simply “drop” your cards anywhere you anticipate someone will pass it by and be taken by surprise at their lucky find! There are a couple things to keep in mind if you’re using your pressure washing business cards as drop cards. One, is to never leave your drop cards where they’re not likely to be picked up. Once you strategically place your drop card, return to the same area a short time later and make sure it has made someone’s day. If it’s still where you left it, then it would be best to retrieve your card and place it somewhere else. This keeps you from “littering” as well as getting the most effective use of your pressure washing business cards.

The other thing to consider when using your pressure washing business cards as drop cards, is to consider your target demographic. Think about the places where your typical customer is going to be and make those places where you focus most of your attention. For example, industry trade shows or festivals, or how about the book store in the section where you might find pressure washing books.

There Are Unlimited Ideas and Uses for Your pressure washing Business Cards

As you look around for ways to promote and market your pressure washing business, I’d imagine that one of the first things you considered was getting your business cards and figuring out other unique ways to market your business. Well, I’m glad you decided to click over to this page because I can assure you, using our dollar cards as your new pressure washing business cards will be your most effective offline marketing tool in your arsenal!

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