The Best Amsoil Business Cards to Jump Start Your Amsoil Opportunity

Amsoil Business Cards

So, you’ve joined the Amsoil business opportunity and you’ve got so much to do to get started, it’s hard to know where to begin… How about your Amsoil business cards?!?! It’s hard to even talk to anyone without a business card because inevitably, by the end of your conversation, someone’s either going to ask for your Amsoil business card or you’re going to want to offer it to them anyway with an invitation to give you a call for more information.

Business Cards for Amsoil Business OpportunityHere at Dollar Card Marketing, we’ve created more home based business cards than just about anything else. Our dollar bill business cards and drop cards are the ideal marketing tool to promote your Amsoil products or business opportunity. Be sure to take a look at our Samples Gallery to see if any of the hundreds of images there will inspire your Amsoil business card ideas.

Use Your Amsoil Business Cards As Drop Cards

If you’re not familiar with the term drop cards, many people in the home based business industries will print standard business cards with a short compelling message and call them “drop cards”. Essentially, drop cards are intended to be “dropped” in areas where there are, or will be, lots of people. The idea is that when or if someone picks up your drop card, the brief message will be so compelling that it would be difficult for anyone to resist going to the target website or making the appropriate phone call. Our dollar bill business cards make the ideal Amsoil drop card because they look like real money, virtually guaranteeing that they will be picked up every single time without fail.

Use Your Amsoil Business Cards As Traditional Business Cards

Of course, the most effective use of our dollar bill Amsoil business cards is to actually use them as you would a standard business card. The only exception here is that our dollar cards are going to be a LOT more effective than a standard business card. Why? Well, consider where a traditional business card goes after it’s been handed off. Generally, in someone’s pocket at first, then…. Rolodex if you’re lucky, trash bin on average. However, when you hand someone a $100 dollar bill Amsoil business card, what do you suppose they’ll do with that? Our experience has been that they’ll not only keep your Amsoil business card in their wallet (forever), they’re most likely going to show it off to several of their friends and colleagues giving your Amsoil business THAT much more exposure and likely that many more prospects to present your Amsoil opportunity to. Do you think you’ll get that kind of response from a regular old card stock business card?!?!

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