The Power Behind the Google Plus 1 Button

If you haven’t noticed, Google has been knocking around social media strategies for a while trying to get in on everything that MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook has accomplished. And if you’ve been on Google lately, you’ve noticed a little icon next to the search listings that looks like this .  Essentially, what the plus1 button is, is very much like Facebook’s “Like” button except for search results.  Google’s way of letting you indicate to everyone you know that you found this link particularly cool and/or useful.  You can also see the plus one button on websites, such as the front page of, as we’ve posted it toward the top.  Go ahead and click on it while your there, by the way!

The one downside I’ve seen to the plus 1 button that Google is providing is that Google is notorious for making some things a bit more difficult than they need to be!  To get this button, you have to find it amongst all of the other Google tools and widgets, then find the code and copy and paste it into your site.  Now, as that may not seem to be too extraordinarily difficult, the button code that they provide you is also rather limited in it’s functionality.

I want to introduce to you now, a pretty clever guy who took the basic Google Plus1 button and turned it into a WordPress Marketing Machine!  AND it’s SO drop dead simple to install and works just like any other WordPress plugin.  You can now have the Google Plus1 button on your site providing your site with more popularity with each click, AND you can also modify it so you can incentivise the action by forwarding the visitor to a “special page” after they click the Plus1 button!  Imagine the potential here.  For those of you who are familiar with Facebook Fan Pages where you get a special gift for clicking the “Like” button… this plugin essentially provides you with the same marketing power potential!

This is a definite MUST SEE for anyone who’s serious about marketing their websites.  Of course the developer does a better job of explaining it than I do, and he’s got a 5 minute video demonstration of it to help you see the potential.  Click the banner below to watch the video and see this powerful marketing button in action:


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