Dollar Card Marketing Has Gone Multi Level

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to do this… but I’ve just finished working with our developers in upgrading our affiliate system at Dollar Card Marketing and making sure everything is ready to handle all the math! If you’re not currently an affiliate with Dollar Card Marketing, NOW is a good timeContinue Reading

Dollar Card Monthly Co-Winner for April 2012 – Renee Vasquez

Renee Vasquez is a co-winner of our dollar card monthly drawing.  Renee and one other winner guessed the exact same number which was closest to our designated winning number for a set of free customized dollar bill business cards. Renee and Luis Vasquez are President and CEO of, a 5linx opportunity company.  5LINX Enterprises,Continue Reading

Dollar Card Monthly Drawing Winner – Greg Okonowski

I still have a $5 bill business card from when I was a child growing up in Michigan.  This business card was for a snowplowwing company and I saved it because I thought it was unique.  I don’t know why it took me so many years to figure out to do business cards like thisContinue Reading

Marketing Graphics

We all need quality website and marketing graphics for our projects, and hiring a professional designer can easily cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. To help save you money on all your graphics needs, I have a really cool resource for you today… The package above is hands down the best graphics deal of I’ve ever comeContinue Reading

New Drop Cards Promo Video Uploaded to YouTube

I just finished adding a new promotional video on YouTube for our dollar bill drop cards.  I hope you like it and give it a thumbs up and share it with your Facebook and Twitter followers, and everyone else in the business world!  Enjoy!

Locksmith Business Cards – Brinks Home Security

Here’s a set of locksmith business cards that we designed for Bill Burgess, a Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer.  Dollar Card Marketing creates business cards for locksmiths and residential and commercial security.

International Business Cards – Spanish

Here’s an international business card we created for Realtor, Sandra Comisky who works toward targeting an English and Spanish speaking real estate market.  Dollar Card Marketing will create international business cards in any language for your targeted business demographic.

Greg Priete Demonstrates Attraction Marketing Strategy with $100 Dollar Bill Drop Cards

Greg Priete is a successful business professional with his own MLM business.  Greg educates people all over the world on how to create successful businesses online.  One of Greg’s favorite offline marketing strategies is using our $100 dollar bill drop cards to generate leads for his MLM business.  Watch Greg demonstrate how easy it isContinue Reading

Travel Agency Business Cards

We’ve created many travel agency business cards that look like real money.  Some travel agents have used our dollar bill business cards as drop cards for discounts, as lead generation tools to drive people to their websites, or simply to replace their traditional business card.  Here’s an example travel agency business card that we createdContinue Reading

Retail Business Cards

Here is a set of retail business cards that we created for FAS Windows & Doors.  FAS is using our dollar bill drop cards as retail discount coupons for their windows and doors installation products and services.