Learn How To Produce Webinars Like a Pro

Learn to Create Webinars to Present Your Product or Service

webinarsTwo webinar masters who have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales via webinars are going to coach you on how to create, produce, and publish your own webinars to increase your business’ sales and profits. Jason Fladien & Wilson Mattos have created the most comprehensive course on mastering the most profitable strategies and techniques for creating and producing webinars. This is a complete course and NOTHING is left out.  There’s something in this course on webinars whether you’re a newbie to webinars, or already a master of webinars in your own right.  Here’s just some of what you’ll learn.

Getting Traffic to Your Webinars

You don’t need any kind of mailing list of your own to attract attendees to your webinars.  They will show you how to get dozens of your prospects on your webinars with a few simple steps.  You’ll learn how to use Facebook and Twitter to get attendees to your webinars.  They’ll also show you a little known secret on how to spend as little as $40 that will generally result in at least 100 more attendees to your webinars.  This course will show you how to get affiliates to promote your webinars for you!  These are just a few of the strategies that are included in this webinar coaching course.

Creating the Best Presentation for Your Webinars

You’ll discover exactly how to create your presentations to give your webinars tons of value and to facilitate high conversion rates for your product or service.  You’ll learn 25 webinar closes that anyone can apply to almost any product or service that you can sell on any webinar.  You’ll learn where you can get inexpensive webcaster graphics and templates and video squeeze pages to create high impact minisites.  You’ll be provided over 45 minutes of content showing you step by step how to create record profits using webinars.  You’ll be given 4 user friendly blank webinar presentation formulas you can use immediately.

Also, if you’re using WordPress, here’s an awesome tool to get prospects to not only register for your webinar, but also add them to your email subscribers list:  Clicking here will open a new window so you won’t lose your place… but definitely worth looking at!

The Mechanics of Creating Webinars

Newbies and techtards can relax.  They’ll show you exactly how to run your webinars from start to finish without worrying about any of the technical mumbo-jumbo… You’ll learn how to set up everything you need on your computer to run your webinar.  They’ll show you their secret, automated, “follow up” method within GoToWebinar to do the selling for you.  There’s also a “proper trick” for recording your live webinars and monetizing them for later viewing and continuous residual income.

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