July 2009 Dollar Bill Business Card Winner

Dollar Bill Business Card Winner - July 2009
Mike Morris – Dollar Bill Business Card Winner – July 2009

Congratulations to Mike Morris of  Gamerz Planet in Grand Junction, Colorado for winning our dollar bill business card monthly drawing for July 2009.   We asked Mike to provide us with a few words about himself and his business and this is what he told us:

1st we were thrilled to win the July contest – thank you!
In our business we buy/sell/trade video games and dvd movies; we are in a small rural community of just over 40k population and last year in our first full year of operation we exceeded our 5th year sales projections, however inspite of our early success we still estimate that well over 70% of our community has never heard of us.  The toughest thing we have found is getting customer awareness that we are open for business and them into the store. We have had every media possible come into our store and make glorious promises of what advertising with them would do for us; the one guaranteed result we saw from advertising on TV/Radio/Newspapers is a healthy bill/invoice due the next month(s) which typically negates any slight sales increase we might have seen in sales/foot traffic. In these tightening economic times we’d love to have an unlimited marketing budget but the truth is as a new business we’d prefer to re-invest our money on increasing our inventory selection versus sinking it into expensive media advertising that frequently goes unheard. The most effective advertising efforts we have done have been our gorilla marketing which is where we use the Dollar Card Marketing. We establish relationships with various local entities (apartment complexes, trailer parks, home owner associations, churches/youth groups, local middle & high schools and at drive thru windows of fast food resteraunts) and then leave them with some of our Dollar Bill w/various targeted marketing promotions for them – people love getting the Dollar Bills and sure remember them unlike other business cards & marketing flyers.
Marketing yourself doesn’t have to be Expensive, Difficult or Boring – it’s easy and fun! Find out for yourself how Easy is it to generate excitement and awareness of your business from new potential customers about getting one of your Dollar Bill Cards versus a Business Cards or Flyer… Take a regular business card and drop it on the floor of a busy fast food resteraunt during a high school lunch break; now try the same thing with one of your Dollar Cards – the excitement and buzz from the kids of getting one of your Dollar Bill Cards is exciting & fun. Unlike traditional business cards/flyers that tend to be either forgotten or thrown away the Dollar Bill Cards tend to be passed on from one person to another because of their novelty until they reach your potential target market. 

 Again, congratulations to Mike Morris and thank you for entering our monthly dollar bill business card giveaway.

If you’re reading this and would like to know how YOU can enter to win a set of free business cards that look like real money, then simply go to our home page and enter your name and email address in the window that floats in from the right.  It’s easy and free!

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