I used dollar bill business cards to show how a 19-year-old on Welfare from Zero to $20,567.65 per month in less than 18 months without Any Internet Skill.”

As far my vivid recollection, I had placed my first order of the Dollar Card on Tuesday, and on Wednesday the proof landed in my email inbox. I was Indeed, anxious and excited to see what I wrote on the form text, now appeared on the back of the card. With my inexperience, I had made a few changes because I was not satisfied with the message I wrote on the back of the card. I thank John for being so patience me. John took the time to work to me and we were chatting back and forth, and John wanted to make absolutely sure I was happy with the message I wrote in the back of the card. And John was also very detail oriented person. I made like 5 proof changes on a card. I had to tweak the message a couple of times. His company was under promised but over delivered, and here I what I mean, on Friday the proof was final and ready to send to print, and on Monday morning, the Postal Service delivered the Dollar Card right in front of my door. I am so with the result and the service.

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