I used dollar bill business cards to show how a 19-year-old on Welfare from Zero to $20,567.65 per month in less than 18 months without Any Internet Skill.”

As far my vivid recollection, I had placed my first order of the Dollar Card on Tuesday, and on Wednesday the proof landed in my email inbox. I was Indeed, anxious and excited to see what I wrote on the form text, now appeared on the back of the card. With my inexperience, I had made a few changes because I was not satisfied with the message I wrote on the back of the card. I thank John for being so patience me. John took the time to work to me and we were chatting back and forth, and John wanted to make absolutely sure I was happy with the message I wrote in the back of the card. And John was also very detail oriented person. I made like 5 proof changes on a card. I had to tweak the message a couple of times. His company was under promised but over delivered, and here I what I mean, on Friday the proof was final and ready to send to print, and on Monday morning, the Postal Service delivered the Dollar Card right in front of my door. I am so with the result and the service.

John Valente
John is the Owner and Lead Designer at DollarCardMarketing.com. Also owns and operates eMenus.com and SanDiegoBayCruises.com. Click on the icons below to share Dollar Card Marketing and to connect with John!

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