Frequently Asked Questions About Drop Card Business Cards



This section is divided in two sections; Customer Questions and Affiliate Questions.  Scroll down the page if you are interested in becoming an affiliate and you have a question that may be listed.  If you have any questions that don’t appear on this page, please feel free to click on the “Contact Us” link above and we’ll have an answer for you as quickly as possible.

Customer Questions:

What are Drop Cards or Sizzle Cards?

A drop card is typically a business card with just enough information on it to capture the viewers attention and peak their curiosity.  Drop cards are generally not handed from person to person as would a typical business card.  They are intended to be left behind somewhere in a busy public area to be noticed by a passerby in hopes of generating enough interest to act on the message left on the card.  Sizzle cards are sometimes synonymous with drop cards but are more likely to be handed off personally from one person to another during or immediately following a business related conversation.  However, the brief attention grabbing content is usually the same as would be a drop card.  Sizzle cards can also be used as drop cards interchangeably.  The essence of a sizzle card is that the message should be so compelling and “so hot that it sizzles!”

Are these legal?

Yes.  There are very strict guidelines set forth by the US Government as to what is considered counterfeiting.  We’ve done all the necessary research to protect ourselves as well as you.  The only thing we cannot do is look over your shoulder and remind you NOT to try and spend these anywhere… even jokingly… don’t do it!  An attempt to pass these off to any merchant as legal tender would be considered a federal offense and you will most certainly be arrested.

While we’re on the subject; please also do not leave these on a restaurant table “as your tip.”  It really irritates your waiter/waitress and is just downright mean.  However, it is far more acceptable to leave one WITH your real cash tip and you’ll likely be able to eat there safely again.

Why can’t I order less than a quantity of 1000?

Because there are set up costs involved in printing that include layout, machinery, creating plates, and ink set up, the cost to do any less than 1000 would end up being the same as the 1000 minimum order.  So we’ve established that as our starting minimum.

Can I split that 1000 into two 500s?  That will still meet the 1000 minimum, right?

No.  Unfortunately, what you would be creating is two individual orders of 500 which would require two different layouts and set ups.  Realistically, yes, we can do whatever quantity we choose.  However, as we would have to incur additional costs, we would have to pass those costs on to you and it may not be as cost effective for you.  Feel free to inquire by email to talk about your individual project.  Otherwise, the 1000 quantity is good and you’ll go through them in no time!

Are the dollar cards already folded or do I have to fold them myself?

As much as we’d like to make things as easy for you as possible, we are unable to fold these dollar bill business cards for you.  In an effort to make the cards appear as realistic as possible to make them the most effective, they are cut to a size that is too small to be placed into the automated folding machine.  We could fold each of them manually for you.  However, a $235,000.00 surcharge would apply;)

Honestly, please don’t let folding be a concerning factor for you.  It is really painless and not very time consuming.  I’ve folded hundreds for our own purposes and have done so while chatting at our dining room table, or sitting in front of the Sunday game.  You’d be surprised how quickly you can go through a couple hundred at a time!

How soon will I receive my order after it has been placed and paid?

Upon approval of your proof image, we typically print and ship inside of 72 hours.  We ship via U.S.P.S. Priority Mail services and depending on your location, you will receive your order within 3 days of the ship date.  You may expedite your order if you wish, simply by asking for same day rush processing and overnight shipping.  We do not charge extra for the expedited processing, but will charge for shipping costs only.  That charge will vary depending on your location.  Please call for arrangements.  Our toll free number is on our “Contact Us” page.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes!  We have a fantastic product and we want everyone to know it.  And we realize that there are a lot of folks, like yourself, looking for additional sources of income but don’t want the hassles of running your own business, keeping an inventory, or packing and shipping.  Now, you can join our affiliate program for free by clicking on the link at the top right corner of this page and earn $20 for every sale that’s referred to us by you and we’ll take care of all the packing and shipping!  Our affiliate program is also a 2 tier program which means that you can also recruit other affiliates and we’ll pay you an additional $5 for EVERY sale generated by the 2nd tier affiliates.

Once your customers, friends, and colleagues start seeing the quality and care we put into our product, they’re going to want to know where you got them.  You might as well get paid for referring us anyway, right?

Where is Dollar Card Marketing located?

Our office is located at:

3645 30th St.
San Diego, Ca 92104

What is your return policy?

Because these are customized printed products, we cannot offer payment returns on any order unless we have created some mistake that deviated from the proof image that you approved, OR you have changed your mind on the order any time prior to printing.

We send proof images to every customer that we design cards for, prior to printing for the sole purpose of your satisfaction.  We will not print any order without your approval of a final proof image.  Once the proof is approved and sent to print, we can no longer issue a refund.

If you are creating your own design using our online editing system, you are only provided with the proof image that you’ve created on the screen and approving the printing as you complete your order.

In any case where you simply change your mind prior to printing, we will issue a refund minus $25 for any layout and set up costs incurred by us if we design your cards.  We will not provide refunds on orders printed and sent from our online editing system.

What is your privacy policy?

Although it’s probably a bit cliché by now, we hate spam as much as anyone!  We value and respect the trust you confide in us by providing your personal and credit information.  We will not share, rent, or sell that information with anyone or any business.

Our primary objective is to make you happy.  We truly believe that a happy customer is not only a repeat customer, but is also a fantastic source of referral business.

Affiliate Questions:

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is essentially a program by which you promote our products and we pay you for every completed sale that you refer to us.  You are essentially a Sales Representative under your own employ earning commissions on sales.  We will provide you with a special URL (website address) that is specific to you.  This way our software knows exactly where the visitor came from and who referred us their business.  Once a sale is complete we add your commission earnings to your account until a minimum of $100 in sales commissions is accumulated.  When you have reached the $100 payout, we issue your funds directly to your PayPal account.

Our program is also set up as a 2 tier program.  This means that if a visitor that you referred also decides to become an affiliate, we will reward you for every sale that this new affiliate brings us as well.

How much will I get paid to refer sales?

We pay $20 for every completed sale that you directly refer to us and $5 for every completed sale that an affiliate on your 2nd tier refers to us.  Your commissions remain on your account until paid out and do not expire.

When will I be paid?

You will be paid on the first of every month that there is at least $100 in your account.  Until the $100 threshold is achieved, your funds will remain on account.

Do you provide payments via PayPal?

Yes.  PayPal is our preferred method of payment.  We will consider alternatives such as Google Checkout or company check, but strongly recommend PayPal.

Is there a minimum amount of commissions I have to earn before getting paid?

Yes.  For maximum efficiency in running our affiliate program, we wait until an account has a minimum of $100 in their account before issuing a payment. Again, we are flexible and will consider personal requests on a case by case basis.  Payments are issued in US Dollars only.

Do I earn money if I sponsor a friend or colleague to become an affiliate?

Absolutely.  This is considered your 2nd tier.  We will pay you $5 for every completed sale that your friend, colleague, family member, stranger across the street, etc… refers to us as long as you referred them and they enrolled in our affiliate program.

How do I know I will get paid?

First, our business depends on our reputation.  In a competitive market, we cannot afford to act foolishly and withhold payments from the very people who are helping us establish our business.

Second, our program is powered by the leading affiliate tracking software that uses combination of cookies and IP address to track referrals for best possible reliability. When the visitor follows your affiliate link to our site, our affiliate system registers this referral and places a cookie (not the chocolaty kind) on his or her computer. When the visitor pays for the product, our affiliate system checks for the cookie (if not found, checks for IP address of referral) and credits your account with commission.  This process is absolutely automatic and all of your referrals will be properly tracked.

Can I promote Dollar Card Marketing with PPC (Pay Per Click) ad networks?

Yes.  We strongly recommend you use PPC listings.  It is certainly the fastest way of getting your affiliate link in front of the most people.  The best networks are Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and MSN AdCenter.  We have more information on these networks inside our affiliate admin area.  Whether or not you join our program, you should definitely consider purchasing this reference book on PPC advertising.  It will show you how to make money by promoting several products and services

Do you have training for affiliate marketers?

We have an extensive set of resources in your affiliate panel once you join.  On the front of the main page alone is enough information to keep you busy for quite some time.  We also have several pages of useful software, ebooks, and resources to other useful websites.  Some of the resources require a nominal fee, but there are MANY excellent tools available for free.

I also provide my personal contact information where you can email me or call me for any questions or concerns you might have.  I try and make myself personally available to assist you.  After all, helping you is helping me!

Again, whether you decide to join our program or not (and we certainly hope that you do!), you should also consider purchasing this ebook reference for one of the best affiliate training manuals available!

If you have any other questions that are not addressed here, please feel free to click on the Contact Us button at the top of this page and ask away.  We’ll respond to it as quickly as possible.