Dollar Card Winner for November 2010 – Robert Westberg 237

Drop Card Winner - November 2010

November 2010 Winner - Robert Westberg

Congratulations to Robert Westberg, our November 2010 winner in the monthly dollar bill business card free drawing.

Mark was not only a lucky winner to have picked our secret random number (from 1-1000), but he is the first ever to guess spot on with the number 237!  This, of course, inspired us to create a new rule for our monthly drawings.  Originally, the person who guessed the number closest to our secret random number would be the winner.  However, we never accounted for anyone actually guessing the number exactly correct and we think that deserves special recognition.  So from this point forward, starting with Mr. Westberg, we are doubling our prize for anyone who guesses our number spot on!

I asked Robert if there was any significance to the number 237 for him and he responded as follows:

As far as the number 237, it is a significant number for my wife.  It pops up everywhere at very strange times.  Then as she noticed it popping up more and more we started to see it in movies in very prominent places.  My wife works as an Art Director in commercial production and she and I can tell you NOTHING is placed in a movie that is not supposed to be there.  Everything is CHOSEN.   After doing some research others have noticed it in movies as well and I have a link to a clip on you can check out.  We have heard it’s the combination of the number 23 and 7, both having very strong influences in certain “circles” of let’s say…. enlightened people or illuminated people (if you get my drift).

Here is the video Robert is referring to…. interesting coincidence… or is it!?!!?

Also from Robert:

First I would like to thank John for this great off-line marketing tool he offers.  I feel so lucky to have guessed the exact number, 237, and started a new prize policy of doubling the prize for anyone guessing the number on the dot!  Perhaps some of you may already realize the significance of the number 237, but I digress and will leave that conversation for another time and place ;^)

My name is Robert Westberg and I reside in Santa Monica, CA.  I’m looking forward to using this amazing tool as sizzle and drop cards for the activity I have been a part of for the past 5 years.  This unique activity is a system that was first established online almost 9 years ago by a group of entrepreneurs looking to help each other, and those they invite to learn about this program, start to become financially secure within days and weeks, not months or years after joining.  We are international in 20 countries worldwide to date, with tens of thousands members in our online database.  We have 11 LIVE 30 minute workshop calls each week that does all of the explaining for us so we don’t have to do it ourselves (unique opportunity + efficiency is the KEY to explosive growth).  Our primary website is state of the art with audio and video tools for our everyday use.  Many, MANY others have attempted to mimmic and copy this very same program; however, since I first started to participate in this amazing program over 5 years ago I can honestly say I have not seen anything that comes close to it’s high level of ethics, online and offline support with live training and support calls 6 days a week; along with it’s integrity and high standards, and not to mention the financial prosperity it offers it’s “family” members.

Those of you that would like to learn more are invited to visit my splash page at:

After a brief conversation to see if we might make a good fit I would be more than happy to invite you to one of our no obligation live workshop calls to get all of the details and answer your questions.

Again, I would like to thank John for this great prize, and I know these amazing cards will help me take my team to even higher levels of prosperity!

Robert Westberg

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