Welcome to Dollar Card Marketing's online business card and drop card design tool.  This is a very easy to use and flexible tool that allows you to create your own dollar bill business cards and drop cards.  You can add text, graphic images, logos, change colors and size of your text, and include a variety of fonts.  You can design your own business cards entirely on your own using this tool, or you can ask us to professionally design it for you at no additional cost.

You can complete your order entirely through this online design system, or you can CLICK HERE if you'd like to order and have us create a professional design for you.  If we design your cards for you, we will create a proof image of your cards for your approval prior to ever processing your order to assure your complete satisfaction with your business card design.  If you use this online editing system to create your own cards in real time, there is no need to send additional proof images. This is a "What you see is what you get" program. Scroll to the bottom of this page for best tips and practices when using this editor or click on the HELP button for more detailed information on how to use different features of the online design tool and a video tutorial.


Dollar Bill Business Cards and Drop Cards Prices - FREE SHIPPING!

1000 Cards 2000 Cards 3000 Cards 5000 Cards 10,000 Cards
$145.00 $205.00 $275.00 $395.00 $695.00

Tips For Best Results

  This is a "What You See, Is What You Get" kind of design tool.  That means once you submit your order, we will print exactly what you created.  Please be mindful of low quality images, graphics, or logos that you use as well as spelling and grammar usage.  We will not be able to correct any of these flaws if they are present in the card that you have designed.  If you would like us to assist you more closely with your layout and design, you are welcome to have us professionally design your cards for you.  We will create a design and submit it to you for review and approval prior to processing your order.  Click HERE if you would like us to professionally design your business cards or drop cards.

If you'd like to use a graphic image, photo, or company logo, try your best to use a high resolution image that is 150dpi or higher for best results.  300dpi is ideal for print media, but you can use lower resolutions if a higher one is not available.  Use the zoom slider to look at your image close up.  If the edges of your image appear to be very pixelated, or if your image appears too fuzzy, you may want to reconsider the use of that image as it is likely that those flaws will be apparent in your printed card.

Resist the temptation to USE ALL CAPS on all of your ad lines.  Everything in your ad copy does not need to be emphasized this way and is not as easy to read as perhaps titling or bolding the words you'd like to emphasize.

It is highly advisable to NOT include text or images that go outside the framed back side graphic area.  Stay within the frame as much as possible.  We use the outside edges of the framing area as a cutting guide.  Anything you include outside of the framing area may be cut away during this process.

Be sure to select the dollar bill denomination that you are certain you would like to order.  If you change your mind once you begin working on your cards, the work you've completed thus far will be erased by the program when it switches to the new denomination.

This section will be updated as ideas arise and/or customers bring helpful suggestions to our attention.