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Here are some great videos of people using our dollar bill drop cards and some other cool things about these business cards and money.

Greg Priete Demonstrates Attraction Marketing Strategy with $100 Dollar Bill Drop Cards

Greg Priete is a successful business professional with his own MLM business.  Greg educates people all over the world on how to create successful businesses online.  One of Greg’s favorite offline marketing strategies is using our $100 dollar bill drop cards to generate leads for his MLM business.  Watch Greg demonstrate how easy it isContinue Reading

Sales Videos

If you’e looking for awesome sales videos that are customized for your business or product, we’ve found them. Use this site to create your own customized sales video for your website and capture more customers and leads for your business.Continue Reading

Drop Cards Have My Phone Ringing

Here’s Golda Smith talking about her latest successes in generating leads for her business using our dollar bill drop cards.

Business Card – Dollar Bill Business Cards and Drop Cards

Here’s one of my favorite business card drop cards videos created by one of our affiliates back in September 2008.  As of this posting, this video has over 60,000 views on YouTube!

Advertise Your Business With Style

Here’s another one of our creative affiliates with excellent music taste as well! Darren Utke promotes several websites using dollar bill drop cards including the EDC Diamond opportunity. What is that, you ask? Well, you’ll need to ask Darren when you click here.

Pressure Washing Business Cards

Michael K is the President of First Choice Power Washing, LLC in Nicholasville, Kentucky, and is also one of our affiliates.  Michael put this video together, among others, to demonstrate some great little marketing tips to promote his business.

$100 Business Card Pick Up

Dale Hoppas is an affiliate of ours and promotes a fantastic business opportunity with fully automated and customizable greeting cards for personal and professional use.  Check out Dale’s website at:  So, Dale went out and had a bit of fun with his dollar cards, and at the same time is showing proof positive thatContinue Reading

$100 Dollar Bill Giveaway!!

Sandra Walsh, along with her husband John, use dollar bill business cards to promote their ventures at  Sandra was downsized from Corporate America and is now a stay @ home mom and CEO.  John is an ex Pro Football player and is now a Master Trainer with Sandra in their entrepreneurial ventures.

Another Offline Marketing Demo

From the text provided: Here’s a powerful way to market anything offline. It’s very effective. BizOpClothing {dot} com I’ve been testing this offline marketing and business promotion for the past year with excellent results. I use it to promote a variety of services, programs, products, and business opportunities. Often people tend to overlook effective offlineContinue Reading

Guerilla Marketing – Drop Card Prospecting

Here’s a video that someone made who found one of our drop cards and was so impressed, he had to make a video and blog about it! Andrew Seltz is the founder of Go-To Guy! Go-To Guy! Enterprises was created to house the marketing and distribution of Andrew’s work and his blog at isContinue Reading