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Check out what some of our many happy customers have to say about our really cool business cards!

Monthly Dollar Card Winner – April 2011


Congratulations to Gary Moehring for being our dollar bill business card drawing winner for the month of April 2011.  Gary is using his cards to promote… well… Jesus.  That’s right, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ now has his own dollar bill business cards.  I don’t think the endorsements can get any better than that!

January 2011 Monthly Winner – Frank Navarro

My name is Frank Navarro and I’m from Phila. Pa Luv, Luv, Luv, the $100 dollar bill cards. They are fun to use and memorable for those who receive them. They generally have just enough information to peak someone’s curiosity to make them want to call. I love seeing my customers face when I handContinue Reading

Top notch customer service and the best drop card out there…Period!!!

It didn’t matter what time of day I e-mailed, somehow I always had my question answered with in 10 minutes, IF that. I have never had that type of customer service with any other drop card company, and I have used 3 others in the past. Like i said, I have used other drop cardContinue Reading

I’m Still Using the $100 Bills

Thanks John – I am still using the $100 bills – its fun watch people pick them up when I drop them by grocery store front door – I put them in the gas pump every time I get gas – heck, it almost takes me $100 to fill my truck now a-days. – DaleContinue Reading

Your Drop Cards Are Amazing.

I have sampled many over the past week and I must say that your drop cards are amazing. They are the most real looking and feeling out of all of them. I am truly amazed. I will definitely be making a purchase in the near future. Thanks so much for your time and sending meContinue Reading

I used dollar bill business cards to show how a 19-year-old on Welfare from Zero to $20,567.65 per month in less than 18 months without Any Internet Skill.”

As far my vivid recollection, I had placed my first order of the Dollar Card on Tuesday, and on Wednesday the proof landed in my email inbox. I was Indeed, anxious and excited to see what I wrote on the form text, now appeared on the back of the card. With my inexperience, I hadContinue Reading

Stop Making Excuses – Frank Walker

“John:  These cards are wonderful!  I’ve signed up about 12 distributors in the past month!” – Frank Walker

Real Estate Investor Business Cards – Paul Yevzikov

John, Just got the dollar cards in the mail… THEY ARE AWESOME!  Let me tell you… I’ve never been so excited folding papers before in my life. Your website definitely doesn’t do justice to how nice your product is.  I look forward to dropping these around town and watching people’s reactions. – Paul Yevzikov

Make Money With Utilities – Ben Povlow

“I have never had so much fun creating leads. It doesn’t matter if I am dropping the cards on the ground or just throwing them up in the air at a party, people are going crazy for them and when they call me or go to my website, them fake hundreds turn into real hundredsContinue Reading

Cash Gifting Business Cards – Kevin Turner

John, Thanks for such an amazing product and service! The very first day I got these cards they drove traffic to my site! I will send everyone in my downline to you! You can’t help but to pick these things up! I’ll be ordering more very soon. Thanks again! –  Kevin Turner