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Throughout our years in business, we’ve come across a variety of marketing strategies and resources. As incredibly effective as our dollar bill business cards are, we also have or recognize that there are other really good marketing ideas to promote your business. If you’re looking for an additional marketing strategy to our dollar bill drop cards, then look no further than the excellent selection of marketing ideas below.

Ultimate Footer Ads for Website Marketing

Ultimate Footer Ads is the perfect solution for just about any website/blog owner. It lets you create hyper effective ads at the click of a button that easily slice through the “Ad Blindness” of your site or other blog visitor. These footer ads are highly effective at capturing a visitors attention without blocking your valuable site content.Continue Reading

Hot Video Squeeze Page Templates

Having visited most of your websites, I see that many of you are using videos on your sites and many are also using “squeeze pages”. Unless you have been living under a digital rock over the past year, you probably have noticed that nearly EVERY guru is using dead-simple video squeeze pages templates for their product launches and free reports.Continue Reading