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We will be posting anything and everything that we feel will be helpful in assisting you grow your business. We’ll post articles that discuss our dollar bill business cards, any kind of business card, as well as other advertising, promotional, and marketing ideas. We invite you to participate by either contributing your own content or articles to us, or simply by commenting on the topics you see here.

Webcaster Graphics

Have you ever wondered where some of the most effective sales websites get their really cool graphics?  Ever wonder who makes those cute little marshmallow people?  How about the website graphics for the “buy now” buttons, the “100% guarantee” and all those other great graphics that give those sites a polished and professional look? NowContinue Reading

Sales Videos

If you’e looking for awesome sales videos that are customized for your business or product, we’ve found them. Use this site to create your own customized sales video for your website and capture more customers and leads for your business.Continue Reading

Video Marketing Squeeze Page Templates

Why Should Only the “Gurus” Be Raking in the Millions in Online Sales by Using Video Squeeze Page Marketing?  Now, You Can Too! The web’s BEST super-professional video sales pages enable you to get leads and sales into your website sales funnel. These Hot Video Squeeze Pages turn non-buying website visitors into happy customers inContinue Reading

Just Acquired

We’ve just been able to acquire and are looking for ideas on how to make the best possible use of the site and you’re invited to provide input on some of your favorite offline marketing strategies and ideas.Continue Reading

Email Signatures – Interactive, Customizable, and Awesome!

Interactive email signature files is the best way to utilize your email signature to drive traffic to any site. creates customizable email signatures that are easy to create and are highly effective.Continue Reading

Yes, we're still here and know we're behind!

Okay.. I’m not one to make excuses and I’m not going to start laying them out now.  However, I WILL tell you that I’m fully aware that we’re about 10 months or so behind on our monthly business card give away and will be catching up rather soon.  We will also be introducing you toContinue Reading

Dollar Business Card Winner for September 2009

Michael Hall won the September drawing for our free dollar bill business cards and decided to help his wife’s business with the boost. Michael and his wife, a nail technician, live in New Providence in the Bahama Islands where their business does manicures, pedicures, Tammy Taylor, and 3D designs that stand up off the finger nail. Oh, and they also do air brushing too!

As Michael is the Marketing guru in the partnership, he’s hosted a few cateredContinue Reading

Hot Video Squeeze Page Templates

Having visited most of your websites, I see that many of you are using videos on your sites and many are also using “squeeze pages”. Unless you have been living under a digital rock over the past year, you probably have noticed that nearly EVERY guru is using dead-simple video squeeze pages templates for their product launches and free reports.Continue Reading

Free Business Cards – May, 2009 Winner

This month’s free business cards go to Amy Schaeffner of Passion Parties. See Amy’s card and visit her website!Continue Reading

Dollar Bill Business Card Winner for April, 2009

Congratulations to Eric Miles, our monthly dollar card give away winner for the month of April, 2009.Continue Reading