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Top notch customer service and the best drop card out there…Period!!!

Scofield Dollar Bill Business CardIt didn’t matter what time of day I e-mailed, somehow I always had my question answered with in 10 minutes, IF that. I have never had that type of customer service with any other drop card company, and I have used 3 others in the past.

Like i said, I have used other drop card companies in the past…some are definitely cheaper and you find out why pretty quickly after opening the box of them once they come to your door. No other company has the quality of paper that Dollar Card Marketing uses. I couldn’t believe it when I asked for a sample and they came in…..THE PAPER HAS LITTLE FIBERS IN IT JUST LIKE A REAL BILL!! I was blown away. They feel and look exactly like the real thing. Trust me….you get what you pay for. There’s a reason why that saying exists.

That’s not the only good thing about them either…..with the other drop cards I’ve ordered in the past I had to spend FOREVER on each individual one folding the darn crease to keep them folded, and they still would come up a little bit, which gives away that they’re not real right away, something like that can make people instantly NOT pick them up. NOT with these ones. I spend half the time folding because I no longer have to go over the crease 6-7 times to keep them folded… me that’s a lot of saved time especially when you’ve got so many to fold!!

I can definitely say that Dollar Card Marketing has a customer for life.  Thanks so much for an awesome product!


Patrick Scofield

InVado International


I’m Still Using the $100 Bills

Thanks John – I am still using the $100 bills – its fun watch people pick them up when I drop them by grocery store front door – I put them in the gas pump every time I get gas – heck, it almost takes me $100 to fill my truck now a-days. – DaleContinue Reading

Inspirational Video of the Day

Although this video is entitled, “MLM network marketing inspiration motivation”, I think it applies to everyone whether in network marketing or not.

Your Drop Cards Are Amazing.

I have sampled many over the past week and I must say that your drop cards are amazing. They are the most real looking and feeling out of all of them. I am truly amazed. I will definitely be making a purchase in the near future. Thanks so much for your time and sending meContinue Reading