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Email Signatures – Interactive, Customizable, and Awesome!

I’m a firm believer in email signatures.   Everyone who has a business to promote also has to drive traffic to their website, whether hosting your own or a company replicated one. And everyone knows that driving traffic to that website is always the biggest challenge.  Interactive and customizable interactive email signatures are the best thing that has happened to email since the @ sign.

Imagine if your email signature could also act as a mini website with interactive graphics and buttons that link directly to the information areas of your website, an opt in form, or an order page, your Facebook page, a video,…? Imagine no longer…. NOW, I introduce you to your new and improved interactive email signature file.

E-Sig Marketing has a truck load of professionally created templates you can use, OR you can customize your own with your company graphics. You can create custom links that drive traffic to any page you want.

If you’re in Network Marketing, there’s no question that this should be one of your marketing strategies… AND if you introduce it to your uplines, downlines, and colleagues… YES, you’ll get paid for it too.

The custom signature is low cost technology (.03-.30 cents/day) that will provide you the following benefits:

  • Makes every email a selling tool (add up to 5 links to your signature)
  • Improves your professional look and corporate brand image
  • Helps drive more traffic to your website and increases income
  • Totally flexible…change your signature links, fonts or colors at any time
  • Link any button to videos, websites, or social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • Reporting…instantly know what button links are attracting visits
  • Create custom web pages…perfect for resumes, price lists and news (hosted free of charge)
  • Simple…create your signature in under 5 minutes
  • Compatible with all major email providers like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Outlook, Mac Mail
  • Profitable…Free affiliate program earns you 10% residual income via 5 generations of referrals (potentially $1,000’s per month). Great fundraising resource for nonprofits and associations!

There are dozens of professionally made templates for all kinds of businesses and industry and some already made for some of the major MLM programs… Or, like we did, you can have your own completely customized design layout and of course all of the changes that you make at any time is automatically updated to all your signatures on immediately.

Check out my company email signature below.  Click on the last button and visit the site to view more samples, watch a video, and sign up to get your own!

NOTE: Well, it appears that something in the WordPress blog system is squishing my signature code.  I assure you that it performs much better in an actual email setting.  I’m currently seeking assistance to see about fixing this issue here in WordPress.  In the meantime, please go to to get a true sense of how powerful this email signature program is.

Best Regards,  John Valente (888) 282-6887
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