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Dollar Card Monthly Winner – March 2010

Seeley Dollar Card

Monthly Winner for March 2010 - John Seeley

Who is John Seeley?

John was born in Beckley WVa and moved to Atlanta Georgia in 2003 where he currently resides. John is the proud father of two awesome Kids, Alexis and Austin. They are active in sports, 4-H club and about any school fundraisers where they get to practice their early on sales abilities. If you wanna see John light up, ask him about his kids.

A born entrepreneur, John started his sales career at the age of 15 when he was selling lemonade and chips to his neighbors at the pool, this led to a constant craving for fun and profitable businesses. Having no support around him for being an entrepreneur, John  joined the Marine Corps in 1989 and served his country till 1997.

After the Corps John got a job at a gas station as an assist mgr and moved up to run 6 stores with a salary of $50,000+ per year. But John grew tired of  working lots of hours and helping someone else accomplish their dream, at the age of 30, he quit his $50,00 a year salary job with Total Petroleum company and started his own cart business in the mall. but with long hours the mall forced on its tenets there was little time for family and he missed his kids. That is when he asked himself a few questions:

“What would you do if you had all the money in the world and money no longer mattered?” (after the vacations and traveling) “How would you spend your day whether you were getting paid or not?”

John was soon to get a glimpse of a path that would soon become his passion. In 2005, his good friend Paul Rogers convinced him to join a network marketing company. Reluctantly, John started researching the industry as he was filled with doubts that most people experience about MLM before knowing anything about it. He found that with network marketing you had the possibility of extreme cashflow, ridiculously low overhead or risk and the ability to help coach and grow others. Wow, this was what John had been looking for in other industries but had never found it.

John has now been in network marketing for over 5 years and is forever grateful to that friend who introduced it to him. Now John spends his time helping others reach their financial goals using Internet marketing, Social media marketing and coaching them to have a “no-limits” attitude. John works out of his house and spends quality time with his kids doing what he loves to do! “When you love what you do, no day is actual work!”

John attributes his success to constantly moving and failing forward. Even when John had about $300 in the bank, no one knew his financial struggles as he knew it was only temporary. John teaches people that they can live the life of their dreams if they are just willing to suspend their disbelief for an extended period of time and have the discipline it takes to work toward your dreams every single day. John believes we are meant to live an abundant, rewarding and fulfilling life.