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Dollar Business Card Winner for September 2009

dollar bill business card

Sept 2009 Dollar bill business card winner, Michael Hall

Michael Hall won the September drawing for our free dollar bill business cards and decided to help his wife’s business with the boost.  Michael and his wife, a nail technician, live in New Providence  in the Bahama Islands where their business does manicures, pedicures, Tammy Taylor, and 3D designs that stand up off the finger nail.  Oh, and they also do air brushing too!

As Michael is the Marketing guru in the partnership, he’s hosted a few catered parties where his wife provided free nail make-overs which later acted as mobile “billboards” for her business.  Of course, the quality job that was done on the nails will be frequently noticed and inquired about, thereby offering an opportunity for word-of-mouth marketing and testimonial.  Now, Michael the Marketing Guru, has seen the power of the dollar bill business cards from, he is now able to get more bang for their buck!

Congratulations, again, Michael!  We hope these dollar cards bring lots of business to your wife and lots of visitors to her blog at!!!