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Ultimate Footer Ads for Website Marketing

If you manage any kind of website or blog like me, you’ll know that one of the biggest challenges we face is getting repeat traffic.
A great way to do that of course is by building a mailing list of opt-in subscribers.
The problem is how to capture your visitor’s details without alienating them with a pop-up screen that’s likely to get blocked anyway, and yet most static forms are overlooked by most visitors because they don’t stand out enough.
Well now I think I’ve found a solution…
I’ve recently come across a cool little script that creates an awesome Footer Ad that slides a small strip up from the bottom of your browser.
You can use it to capture email subscribers, convert visitors to rss subscribers, or twitter followers, or even promote your favorite Dollar Card Marketing Affiliate Program!
It does it all…
What it doesn’t do is annoy your visitors by stopping them from reading your valuable content.
The feedback on this software has been amazing:
John Chow describes it as…
– One of the best promotional tools I have ever used.

And Legendary marketer Terry Dean had this to say…
– I’ve added 126 extra new subscribers to my list just in the past week.
Not only that, it’s dead simple to use. You can literally have this thing installed and running on your website in 10 minutes.
So if you’re looking for a way to increase traffic and revenues with your blog, hit the link below now to grab your copy before this really catches on…


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