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Dollar Business Card Winner For March, 2009

Dollar Card Winner - March 2009 - Chet Felix

Dollar Card Winner - March 2009 - Chet Felix

Congratulations to Chet Felix, our March 2009 dollar bill business card monthly winner!  Chet is using his cards to market himself in the Nouveau Riche income opportunity.  He is a Real Estate Investor because of all the education he has received from Nouveau Riche. 

Nouveau Riche is a fast growing educational company based in Scottsdale, Arizona that specializes in Real Estate Investing Education and Business Ownership.   They offer their students the opportunity to market this education to others and receive a 50% commission in doing so.  This way, the students can create a cash flowing business and take that money and roll into their real estate investing.  Their compensation plan is called an Australian 2-up and is based on direct sales.

If you’d like to know more about Nouveau Riche and the business opportunity in investing in real estate, give Chet Felix a call.  His number is on the card above!