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Customer Follow Up with SendOutCards Greeting Cards

SendOutCards is a Fantastic Business Tool to Follow Up With Customers and Show Appreciation for Giving You Their Business.

Although Dollar Card Marketing is a relatively young company, we firmly believe in old fashioned business ethics.  Among our beliefs is showing gratitude to our customers who come to us with their trust that we’re going to provide them with a quality product and prompt service.  Not meaning to throw around a tired cliche, but more people are coming to realize that this is not the sort of economic environment that we can just take prosperity for granted.

In the spirit of gratitude, we’ve come to realize that showing appreciation has been all but lost in today’s fast paced “churn’em & burn’em” business model and it’s time to slow down a bit and bring it back.  We needed a way to show our customers that we genuinely appreciate their business aside from a simple email “Thanks!”  We thought abound sending out “Thank You” cards in the mail but were reluctant at the idea of going to the stationery store, purchasing overpriced greeting cards simply for the brand name, hand writing each one, purchasing stamps, stuffing and licking envelopes, and then bringing the stack to Post Office….  The simple idea seemed like a nice gesture… but not very time efficient or cost effective.

As you might imagine, we at Dollar Card Marketing come across dozens upon dozens of business opportunities and deal with hundreds of business owners and companies.  Every so often, we would receive orders from work at home entrepreneurs as well as traditional business owners that are either using, or promoting, SendOutCards as part of their exisiting business or working as their primary business.  After looking at their site and learning more about the service they offer, it hit me like a ton of bricks!  This was EXACTLY what we were looking for and what we needed.

SendOutCards allows us to log on to our online account, choose from over 10,000 cards (we chose to create our own customized card), personally individualize each card, and write whatever we want inside.  SendOutCards will print the high quality greeting card just as we’ve designed it, stuff it in an envelope, address it, stamp it, and send it on our behalf (with OUR return address on it) as if it came directly from us… ALL at less than a THIRD of the cost it would have taken us to purchase and send the card ourselves by going to the store and bringing it to our office… and we are able to do it in less than 5 minutes.  When I first started using the system, I went back a couple months in our customer database and was able to send out literally hundreds of cards in about 15 minutes or less.

Our Customized 'Thank You' Card

Our Customized 'Thank You' Card

Not only are we able to send out a high quality greeting card, but we can also send out a selection of gifts as well such as cookies, brownies, gift cards from various well known vendors like Starbucks and

As if having a means of quickly and cost effectively sending out attractive “Thank You” cards to all of my customers wasn’t enough, we also discovered that SendOutCards is also based on a strong Network Marketing structure.  

Now honestly, over the years, I have been totally turned off to network marketing and MLM for a variety of reasons (I’m sure you can think of a dozen or so yourself).  One of the most significant reasons I’ve been turned off to Mutli Level Marketing is that I never realy had a need or desire to use the product myself, whether it was vitamins, lotions, herbal supplements, or whatever.  However, with SendOutCards, here was a product and service that not only did I have a need for, but a product and service that EVERY BUSINESS has a need for.

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Affiliate Links – Masking, Bad – Redirect, Good

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