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Free Business Card Winner for February 2009

Micah Pence - Free Business Card Winner - Feb 2009

Congratulations goes to Micah Pence, the monthly Free Business Card drawing winner for a set of dollar bill business cards for February 2009.  Micah is promoting the AbunzaElite income opportunity with his dollar cards.

AbunzaElite is one of the few bilingual (Spanish/English) business opportunities on the Internet today.  Abunza Elite’s business model is based on discount travel packages as well as Internet marketing and website tools.  They’re compensation plan is a 2-up direct sales based on wholesale and direct retail of products.

Micah has also partnered with John Pangan at Digital Business Works where they feature a variety of business promotion and marketing tools and resources.

Again, congratulations Micah Pence!

John Valente
John is the Owner and Lead Designer at Also owns and operates and Click on the icons below to share Dollar Card Marketing and to connect with John!

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