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Free Business Card Winner for February 2009

Micah Pence - Free Business Card Winner - Feb 2009

Congratulations goes to Micah Pence, the monthly Free Business Card drawing winner for a set of dollar bill business cards for February 2009.  Micah is promoting the AbunzaElite income opportunity with his dollar cards.

AbunzaElite is one of the few bilingual (Spanish/English) business opportunities on the Internet today.  Abunza Elite’s business model is based on discount travel packages as well as Internet marketing and website tools.  They’re compensation plan is a 2-up direct sales based on wholesale and direct retail of products.

Micah has also partnered with John Pangan at Digital Business Works where they feature a variety of business promotion and marketing tools and resources.

Again, congratulations Micah Pence!

Business Cards, Sizzle Cards, Drop Cards, and Dollar Cards – What's the Difference?

Here’s an article we wrote some time ago and published in various directories as a means of introducing the different business card types while promoting our site as well. ——————————————————- What to do with all of these options? Which is what, and what is best? Aren’t they all the same, or are they different? Or, are theyContinue Reading