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Free Business Card Winner – January 2009

Free Dollar Bill Business Card Winner - January 2009Congratulations, Rob Marlbrough of for being our FIRST dollar bill business card monthly winner!

Rob got started in web design and web hosting back in late 1996 with a friend needing a web site. He felt the need for friendly, supportive web site services, decided he could do better than what was currently offered, and began spreading the word of his services. With a few dozen customers, in March of 1997, Web Wizards was officially launched. Rob’s technical background includes everything to do with computers… from programming TRS-80’s in his 5th grade computer lab, to programming his very first computer, a Commodore 64, and having to leave it on overnight, because he didn’t yet have a disk drive for it to store his programs on. He got awarded a National University summer programming scholarship in the 8th grade. He was the only kid in his class that turned in his homework printed out from his computer. He’s been online since modems existed, and ran a BBS from his bedroom since before high school.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Business, with an emphasis in Information Systems, from San Diego State University. His favorite classes were business marketing, psychology, international business, comparative programming languages, and introspective literature. He was a teaching assistant for COBOL, and was good with the flowcharts. He programmed his PC to process all his matrix math equation homework, and knew the process forwards and backwards once he was done debugging it.

He has been involved in most everything computer-related, including the Amiga and selling Video Toaster systems. His experience includes jobs as a PC salesperson, a PC repair technician, and he used to run a PC consulting business. He’s done database design and programming, programming on Silicon Graphic computers. He’s learned most flavors of UNIX, he’s done IconAuthor, then moved on to Visual Basic and ASP. He’s gotten his feet wet in Perl, DHTML, Java, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, XML, and most other web technologies and languages.

Most everything related to the Web has been self-taught. He has managed networks, Linux servers, Windows NT/2000 servers, and has a LAN at his house connecting a half-dozen or so computers, complete with a wireless network to three laptops. He reads almost every computer and Internet magazine that exists. He has the answer or can find an answer fast for almost any computer question.

His hobbies include running a stellar web services company, answering email at all hours of the day, including on trips to Disneyland and vacations in Las Vegas. Other hobbies include watching movies, either on the big screen in the theatres, or on the DVD at home; he’s a big fan. He tries to read a few books, but rarely has free time. He also enjoys photography, art, and all kinds of music. He is especially amused with writing in the third person. 😉

It figures, he was born in Silicon Valley, the year Intel was busy inventing their first microprocessor, the 4004.